Incisive commentary and research reports on diversity leadership and strategy.

Best Practice May Not Be Good Practice

Emulation of best practices has been central to the development of diversity and inclusion in the United States. Myriad conferences, on-line resources and print journals, even distinguished organizations are devoted to promulgating best practices. Yet, a focus on best practices may be stymieing the development of diversity and inclusion.

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Enlisting Top Management Commitment to Diversity

Numerous studies cite the importance of top management commitment as a critical variable in successfully recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing, and advancing diverse employees. 1 If the top of the power structure in an organization is not committed, then a diversity initiative is unlikely to gain the momentum and rise high enough on the priority list to be taken seriously and to gain the attention and commitment of the middle and front line managers who will make it succeed.

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The Lives of Executives: A Global Statistical Portrait

What family responsibilities do executives have? Do they derive their identity more from their work or from their personal lives? What are the top challenges that executives face in managing work-life and what solutions do they employ most frequently? Do executives embrace work-life integration as a benefit to business? What are executive’s attitudes toward those who utilize work-life benefits?

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