Lead Diversity Services

Lead Diversity provides evidence-based research, consulting, and content development services dedicated to advancing organizational equity, workforce diversity, and inclusion.

Our services focus on strategy formulation and implementation, including recruiting, learning, mentoring, and leadership development.

See descriptions of our four service areas below.

Global Diversity Strategy

Effective Global Diversity Strategies require the management of ten critical elements to achieve talent and product market competitive advantage: Leadership Commitment, Values & Beliefs, Global Context, Change Management, Infrastructure, Metrics & Analytics, Communications, Programs & Policies, Diversity Climate, and Competitive Advantage.

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Diversity Learning & Content

Lead Diversity offers a wide array of learning programs and pure informational content, tailored to the unique needs and requirements of clients.

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Lead Diversity conducts rigorous, objective, practice-oriented research studies to focus our clients' diversity initiatives on high payoff activities.

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High Stakes Facilitation

When the stakes are high and time is limited, Lead Diversity provides expert facilitation to achieve results fast, often within half a day.

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